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Petroleum / Petrochemical / Polymer

Koncepo team’s sound knowledge in setting up Petroleum Research & Development, Quality Control and Pilot Scale facilities is invaluable as these facilities purely work on design guidelines provided based on ‘Safety in Petroleum Laboratories’. While developing these guidelines, we take into consideration various physical, chemical and fire hazards in storage, handling of hydrocarbon samples, glassware chemicals and reagents.

The Testing Laboratories play a vital role in efficient functioning of the oil / gas industry. The Laboratories do undertake various studies on catalysts & chemicals being used during processing. This demands an unique building designed to accommodate lab instruments ranging from a delicate gas chromatograph to Octane engines, capable of producing severe vibrations. Due to the explosive nature of gasoline, even safety equipment like Fume Hood with proper exhaust and the lab supply must be properly designed and commissioned.

Deployment of Koncepo’s highly knowledgeable design-build personnel in understanding the R&D facilities process from experimental, chemical analysis and waste handling involving polymer foam, bitumen testing, oil processing, at Flow reactor facilities and Quality control facilities (includes CFR engine, TBP, LPG, ATF etc.,) are the foundation on which successful projects are built.

Koncepo team have been engaged in Lab-planning consulting to set-up one of the largest Polymer Universities involving laboratories and workshops. The demand for proper planning to accommodate Injection molding, Cast extrusion, Blow molding to delicate analytical equipment like Chromatography and Spectroscopy.

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