Strategic Advisory

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Our key goal is to accelerate your response and
preparedness to be ahead in a competitive environment.

Collaborating with your teams in this process, we participate as a trusted partner in enabling your business growth plans. Thus our advisory in critical areas such as Science park development, Tech due diligence, Migration planning, Peer review, Build Vs Lease space analysis etc., assist you in gaining competitive edge and optimise your resources. Enables clients to improve the quality of investment decisions, provides facts & data that will assist funding approvals, creates common language and establish standard measurements across all sites and enhance the long-term value of facility decisions.

  • Industrial Cluster and Science Park Development
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Technology Transfer
  • Acquisitions, Purchase & Leaseback
  • Location & Site Analysis
  • Migration Planning
  • Cost Modeling & Benchmarking
  • Peer Review
  • Design Guidelines
  • Regulatory Analysis