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Facility Management – A paradigm shift from being a business support to be a business partner

Research buildings are five times as energy intensive as office buildings and are operationally highly complex and demanding. Increased demand for services, shrinking budgets, workforces, rising operating costs, aging infrastructure and balancing R&D risk management Vs 21st century energy crisis, all combine to continually challenge management.

Until recently Facility Management was viewed as an independent business vertical addressing mainly the operational challenges of infrastructure and equipment’s. However, the dynamics have now changed to meet the ever-evolving business environment and Facility Management has now become an integral part of the strategic business requirement. Today it is not only important to be competitively ahead but also to be equally aware of one’s capacity and capability. A lucrative business opportunity will fail if capacity or capability if not factored while making business decision. As Facility Management specialists in research buildings, Koncepo takes a comprehensive look at facility systems and provides a total cost of ownership perspective on operating efficiencies and best practices. As a part of Sustainability, Koncepo helps you evaluate if your plant capable is and ready to meet the upcoming projected business requirement and help in evaluating the future need but also efficiently handles the current infrastructure arrangements. Facility Management is intrinsic, any change in the systems and strategies will have immediate and visible impact on the operating cost. Hence, it is logical to have a hold on the Facility Management.


The transition from business support to business partner-

The integration of below three verticals of Facility Management have transformed the way it is viewed today –

  • Property Management – ensures 100% compliance at site meeting the required statutory norms and guidelines
  • Services Management – deploys capable manpower resources and train and monitor then to achieve the desired results
  • Asset Management – creates a synergize to make site more energy efficient and electro-mechanically optimized. Achieving operational efficiency by implementing process standardization

The nature of the services not only depends upon the infrastructure and equipment but also upon the type of sector and operations. At the macro level the services may appears same but on micro level it varies. Koncepo stand apart by delivering visible, quantifiable results matching global standards for the assets entrusted to us and all through keeping the process transparent. It does so by its inherent expertise and adopting the following principles –

  • Deep domain and industry experience and expertise
  • Link FM strategies to corporate business initiatives, strategies and plan
  • Create synergies across in-house Design-Construction-Operation phase capability that would engender savings, proper documentation and seamless integration
  • A Unique management framework and methodology to meet industry benchmarks
  • Assessing existing research facility RE-USE potential
  • In house expertise in supporting Consolidation / Repositioning / Disposition / Development
  • No “one size fit all” approach. Tailored system approach that are unique to specific type of operation and building infrastructure
  • Specific method to address each gap substantiated by business case analysis so that there is visible business led reasons for making any changes
  • Ability to ‘see over the horizon’ in conjunction with the business; anticipating business-led change as well as new regulation, advances in technology or new legislation

As stated above Facility Management for Research building is more intricate than Office building and hence the approach method adopted will be logically different. Koncepo adopts a unique and novel approach for handling complex research facility –

  • Conceptualization, planning & implementation of techniques to reduce breakdowns and enhance the performance of equipments and machineries. e.g. -AMC Management, Asset enhancement initiative and concepts, Energy & Sustainability Management
  • Process standardization- SOP, checklists, PMP, SRF, History cards, logs and various daily and weekly reports to record the activities performed capturing any deviation. PCB Compliance reports, Audits, Internal Signage, GMP & SOPs, CAPA system, CLRA documents
  • Provide support to client during their audit (e.g. USFDA, Asia Pacific EHS, ISO & OSHA)
  • Managing the Legal and risk management- e.g. Insurance, Emergency planning, Government regulations, Consent letters
  • Assessing energy efficiency, material efficiency, water efficiency & waste reduction in all our practices. Target at making buildings as high-performance buildings which use less operating energy and may make up as much as 30% of the overall life cycle energy consumption. Carry-out energy, safety and engineering audits for the clients, also help them with water saving strategies.
  • Conduct various internal audit and close the points to keep the site for audit ready
  • Energy and Water Management – rain water harvesting, installation of timer for street lights and cafeteria and correction of power factor
  • Improved Environmental compliance at all sites – provide trainings on filling PCB forms, water balancing, the 6-copy manifest writing for hazardous waste disposal
  • Checking the CLRA documents, compliance related positions like 33KV and 11KV position for electrician, monthly water balance and CESS reports. Installation of wind monitor, maintaining 33 records as per CFO conditions- in all operational entities

We derive our strength from 100+ years of combined experience in Advisory, Design, and Construction services, having developed more than 20 million sq.ft infrastructure across various industry verticals

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